Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ashton Wade's clothing style and advice

I have an addiction to high quality clothing. It is bad I will admit. The cheapest clothes I ever wear are Nike and I don’t own very many Nike things that aren't their luxury brand Air Jordan. My everyday shoes are all Nike or Jordan, my dress shoes are Calvin Klein. Most of my pants are Calvin Klein. I wear chino pants most of the time. I wear a Rolex watch. All of my ties are either Michael Kors or Calvin Klein, although I have one Kenneth Cole tie. My blazer is Michael Kors. My cologne is Gucci Guilty, Versace Eau Frache and Versace Eros. On a school day I typically wear Nike Sb Shoes, nice socks, Calvin Klein Jeans, a nice t-shirt and my Calvin Klein Track Jacket. I wear that jacket more than I should but, it's extremely comfortable so I wear it 2-3 times a week. I recommend that you find a style that suits you and that you love.

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